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time to sweat

strength & conditioning classes

from weightlifting to bodyweight exercises, our strength and conditioning classes ensure a well-rounded workout that suits all fitness levels.
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challenge your limits with personalised guidance

feel empowered

a high intensity, sweat inducing class that utilises a gamut of different training apparatus.


strength training leads to enhanced quality of life, and improving your ability to perform everyday activities.

strength training can also protect your joints from injury.

energizing, challenging & fun

strength & conditioning classes

building muscle contributes to better balance, reducing your risk of falls. this can help you maintain independence as you age.

  • increase aerobic and anaerobic capacity

  • increase strength endurance

  • improve balance, proprioception and coordination

  • improved functionality and self confidence 

  • decrease fat mass and increase muscular tone

effective for every body

strength & conditioning classes

each session is designed to be effective for each individual regardless of their exercise capacity.

regressions, progressions, alternative options can all be provided to ensure each participant can gain the benefits the strength & conditioning classes provide.

strength & conditioning pilates


challenging the different energy systems to build the major muscles of your body.
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2 weeks

unlimited classes

new member offer
time & space to move


* limited to 1x reformer class per day

Woman holding strengthening circle

truly professional and transformational

bec's approach to pilates is truly professional and transformational


she has mastery over assisting participants in gaining confidence in mind and body connection which she does with empathy and firm encouragement.


her energy and enthusiasm are infectious.


you'll want to work to the best of your ability.

roslyn mckay

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