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one on one

one to one rehabilitation

1:1 rehab sessions provide anatomy specific exercises, core, stamina, endurance, balance, flexibility, alignment and posture. 
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expert guidance to bring you back to your best

specialist rehabilitation sessions

these sessions are ideal for any clients with a pre-existing condition, needing rehabilitation, prehabilitation or anyone who doesn't feel comfortable in a group setting class.

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sports specific rehabilitation

pilates is used within the elite sports sphere to not only increase sports performance, but also aid in rehabilitation and injury prevention.


these sessions will focus on increasing proprioception, core strength, balance, stability and coordination.

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Woman holding strengthening circle

truly professional and transformational

bec's approach to pilates is truly professional and transformational


she has mastery over assisting participants in gaining confidence in mind and body connection which she does with empathy and firm encouragement.


her energy and enthusiasm are infectious.


you'll want to work to the best of your ability.

roslyn mckay

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2 weeks

unlimited classes

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time & space to move


* limited to 1x reformer class per day

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