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Reformer Pilates

Classes Monday to Saturday

Memberships available


Unlimited Classes

for 2 weeks


* Limited 1x Reformer a day

Small, intimate Reformer Pilates classes in our beautiful Ballajura studio.


We welcome all people, regardless of experience level, and offer rehabilitation, pre/post natal, small groups and private appointments where needed.

Develop strength, flexibility & balance

Pilates Classes

This is an introductory class for those who are new to the studio.

During this session you will learn the STOTT Pilates five basic principles, which are used throughout all our classes. Breathing, Pelvic Placement, Rib cage Placement, Scapular Movement and Stabilisation and Head and Cervical Placement.


You will be introduced to the reformer and how to correctly use it, then we will take you through some of the basic exercises frequently used in class.

Pilates 101

Reformer Pilates Classes

An essential level class using the Pilates Reformer and small props.

This is a beginner to intermediate class that focuses on strength, mobility, co-ordination, connection and development of essential level exercises.

This class is suitable for Pre and Post Natal clients, those who are new to their Pilates journey and a general fitness level class

Reformer Vital

Reformer Pilates Classes

A medium to high level class focusing on strength, flexibility, tone and co-ordination utilising intermediate level exercises on the Pilates Reformer.


Light hand weights and props are used through out to help align and condition the body.

This class suitable for Medium to High fitness levels

Reformer Ascend

Reformer Pilates Classes

A high intensity cardio style workout incorporating exercises using the Pilates Reformer and the jumpboard.


This class is catered to those of you who like to get your sweat on. It is an interval training style class with a mix of jumping and strengthening exercises. 


Suitable for Intermediate/Advanced level. Not suitable for clients managing injuries.

Reformer Elevate

Reformer Pilates Classes

Bec's approach to pilates is truly professional and transformational


She has mastery over assisting participants in gaining confidence in mind and body connection which she does with empathy and firm encouragement.


Her energy and enthusiasm are infectious.


You'll want to work to the best of your ability.

Roslyn McKay

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Reformer Memberships

Reformer Pilates

Floor Classes

incl. Mat, Barre,

Yoga, MetCon


per week

starting from

Class Packs

Floor Class Packs

Reformer Class Packs

Private Session Packs

Semi-Private Session Packs


per package

starting from

Pricing & Memberships

All our memberships are inclusive of Mat, Barre and Yoga.

Class Packs for Reformer, Floor classes and Private/Semi Private sessions also available​


Unlimited Classes

for 2 weeks


* Limited 1x Reformer a day


Watch our explainer video for an introduction to Reformer Pilates at Pilates Utopia, and the three different types of classes we offer.

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